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"South Texas Deer Blinds"

Designed and Built for Hunter safety and comfort!

Younger Bros. "South Texas Deer Blinds" are specially designed for the South Texas Hunter.  Our South Texas Deer Blinds are custom built for the Hunter from the ground up.  Deer Blind Towers can be ordered fully assembled and welded and ready for the Hunter to stand up or for those that want to just throw the Tower in the bed of a Truck or Trailer we offer a fully engineered Bolt-Together Tower System, that is so easy to assemble anyone can do it.  Bolt-Together Towers are Color Coded and come with full instructions as well as pictures to walk you through the assembly process.

Deer Blind Towers are available with stair case entry or ladder with safety handrail entry system.  Heavy Duty Deer Blind Towers are available in 5', 10', 15' and 20' Towers.  Deer  Blind Towers can be special ordered up to 30' in height.

Custom 4' x 6' Deer Blind with Entry Deck and Safety Ladder System.

Windows:  What makes our "South Texas Deer Blinds" different is number of options that can be added to totally customize your Deer Blind the you want it built.  Ask any Hunter that hunts from an enclosed Deer Blind what the single most important feature of a Deer Blind is, and Nine times out of Ten Deer Blind Windows will be the answer.  What does differ though is the opinions on best type of Window a Blind should have.  Younger Bros. offers three different styles of Windows for our customer to choose from, not many Deer Blind manufacturers offer their customer to choose the type of window they want.

Window Options

1.  Side Sliding Plexiglas     2.  Manufactured Aluminum Windows   3. Slide-Up Plexiglas Window


1. Side Sliding Windows have advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that when its cold and rainyDeer Blind with Side Sliding Window System. the windows can be left closed until the Hunter is ready to make His or Her shot.  Another advantage is one half can be Tinted or totally blacked out. The only disadvantage to this is you cannot get a full 360 degree view like some hunters like. One of the big disadvantages to side sliding windows is the movement and possible noise of the window when sliding it opening when your ready to take your shot.  There is no window that is 100% noise free, trust us just because you think it's quite, to a Deer it sounds like a herd of Elephants coming through. 

2. Manufactured Aluminum Windows are a very popular choice for many hunters.  Manufactured windowsDeer Blind with Manufactured Aluminum Windows. operate the exact same way the windows in your home operate and offer a true insect proof window system.  One of the biggest pluses that most Hunters don't even think about is that these windows come standard with screens.  For anyone that loves to head out pre-season sit in the Blind and check out the action around the Feeder and surrounding area the Window Screens keep the Mosquitoes and other nasty critters out but allow fresh air to enter the blind. 



3. Slide-Up Plexiglas Windows offer the Hunter a true as close to 360 degree unobstructed view and shootingDeer Blind with Slide-Up Window system.  Slide-Up Window systems can be ordered full width or narrow if desired. opening as you can get in an enclosed Deer Blind.  The only blockage is approximately 2 1/4" in the four corners on 4' x 4' Blinds, and the four corners and center upright on 4' x 6' and 4' x 8' Blinds on full width window openings. Window openings can be cut down in width if desired as the blind pictured to the right.



Deer Blind Construction

Younger Bros. "South Texas Deer Blinds" are built unlike any other manufacturers in the Hunting Industry.   Unlike other manufacturers our Blinds are built different starting with the very first piece of steel that goes into making our full inner steel frame to the one piece Galvanized Steel Caped Roof that finishes off our Deer Blinds.

Deer Blind Construction: Our "South Texas deer Blinds" feature a full inner steel frame which is the foundation for this great Deer Blind.  The Base/ Floor is fully braced on 16" centers or less to prevent the 3/4" thick floor from sagging or giving way under heavy load. Also attached on the under side of the floor bracing is a Tie-Down Hoop for anchoring the Blind to the ground.


     Deer Blind Floor Bracing       Interior view with Built in Shooting Rail

The interior steel frame of our Blinds are built just like the construction in your home.  Fully Braced Floor, Walls and Ceiling as well as the full steel frame that we incorporate into our walk-in doors.


Inner Steel Frame Construction.

Just like our Floor Bracing we brace our Ceiling/ Roof on 16" centers or less.  To aid in preventing excessive heat build-up we also add a 3/8" thick wafer board which makes up the ceiling and atop the wafer board we add a full 1" thick foam Insulation Board and cap it off with a one piece galvanized steel roof . 


Deer Blind Door

For the serious South Texas Hunter, Walk-In Doors are a must. All our Custom Deer Blinds come standard with full height Walk-In Doors.  No getting down on your knees and having to crawl into your Blind or having to feel around for the ladder at the end of a long days hunt after night fall. Deer Blinds ordered with 5',10' and 15' Towers come standard with an entry Deck which is great for sitting outside on Hot Days or just observing the wildlife. Another great advantage of our Full Walk-In Doors is that on Hot / Warm Days you can leave the Door open for added ventilation.  All Doors come standard with matching windows built in for added visibility.

Deer Blind with Full Size Walk-Thru Door. 

Deer Blind with Walk-In Door

Door Construction: Younger Bros. Deer Blind Doors feature a full steel braced frame.  Unlike many other manufacturers that use standard Door Hinges we use heavy duty Brass Inserts with solid 1/2" Cold Rolled Steel for our Doors to hinge on, you'll never have to worry about the hinges rusting shut or breaking out the door. We also do not use standard manufactured Door Knobs or Latches like many other manufacturers.  All our Door handles are built in house from 1/2" solid round stock and feature tabs for padlocking your blind shut to prevent unauthorized use of your blind.


Deer Blind Tower Options

Fully Welded Towers:  Hunters have the option of ordering a fully welded Tower that requires no assembly other than attaching the Deer Blind to the Tower.  Please keep in mind when choosing this model extra attention must be used when driving under trees and low hanging overhead wires.  Fully assembled and welded Towers must be hauled on at least a 16' trailer. 


10' Tower with Entry Deck and Stair Case.     Deck Safety Railing

Bolt Together TowersBy far the most popular Tower we sell due to the ease of hauling.  All Bolt-Together Towers come color coded for easy assembly.  All our Bolt-Together Towers are designed and engineered for strength and most of all safety.  You may even say we've over engineered our Towers due to the fact the Towers can support much more weight than the Deer Blind and Occupants. 

Stair CasesOur "South Texas Deer Blinds" were specially designed for use on 5' 10' and 15' Towers.  The Tower Systems that were designed for this Deer Blind were built with Safety and function in mind. No other manufacturer in the Hunting Industry offers a Stair Case that even comes close to our Safety Stair Cases.  We offer a 24" wide raised No Slip Tread surface (see tread picture below) with safety handrails.  Stair cases are fully trussed and are the most stable in the industry. Our Stair Cases do not wobble or flex like some manufactures so called stair cases.


Stair Case with Raised No Slip Surface Treads and Safety Handrails

4' x 6' Deer Blind on 10' Heavy Duty Tower System with Ladder and Safety Handrails

Safety ladder with 4" raised Non Slip Tread surface and safety Hand Rails

Safety LadderOur Safety Ladder system is designed for compact areas where a stair case may not be feasible.  Safety ladders feature a 24" wide Ladder with a 4" deep raised No Slip Tread Surface.  Our safety Ladder is one of the most comfortable ladders to use due its design.  The ladder sits at a greater angle than most Deer Blind Ladders and almost gives the user the feel of a Stair Case due to it's 4" wide tread and the fact that the Treads do not overlap each other. 


Standing your New "South Texas Deer Blind"

Standing your New "South Texas Deer Blind" couldn't be easier.  Your Deer Blind and Tower will come standard with a Yoke that inserts into your vehicles Receiver Hitch and attaches to a Coupler that pins to the Towers Stair Case or Safety Ladders Base.  This system provides a solid direct contact between you vehicle and the Deer Blind Tower, you cannot get any safer than that.  When you have completed attaching the Coupler all you do is start your vehicle and slowly move forward raising the Tower and Blind, no ropes, no cables and all you need is one vehicle to stand the Tower/Blind, your buddies will be watching in awe and wishing their Deer Blinds and Towers could be stood that easy.


Customer supplied Photos

1. Attach the Deer Blind to the Tower     2. Attach the Tower Standing Coupler to the Stair Case or Safety Ladder Base and to the vehicles Receiver Hitch using the supplied Yoke and Coupler.


Customer Supplied Photos

3. Place vehicle in drive and slowly raise the Deer Blind and Tower, The Stair Case or Safety Ladder Extension will contact the ground at the Towers break over point and Skid along the ground until the Tower is in the full standing position.  4. Remove the yoke from the vehicles Receiver Hitch and disconnect the standing Coupler from the Towers Stair Case or Safety Ladder.  Tower must be anchored before using.

Towers must be anchored for safety!

Ordering/ Price Quote Information

Notice: We have stopped taking Deer Blind and Tower orders for the 2011/2012 Deer Hunting Season. Please accept our apology for not being able to help you.

Younger Bros. "South Texas Deer Blinds" are custom built to your specification (please see specification options).  We do not keep this blind in stock, however we do have Display Models for those that would like to check them out first hand. If your the type of person that has to have it now then this is not the service for you, you may want to contact another manufacturer.

Pricing starts at $1800.00 for a 4'x 6'  Base Model Ground Blind

Price Quote: If you would like to receive a price quote please include all options you would like included in your Deer Blind quote. 

Estimated Delivery Date: Please keep in mind our "South Texas Deer Blinds" are custom built and therefore take longer to produce than our production models. With your quote you will receive an estimated delivery date. Please keep in mind this is an estimate and not an exact delivery date.  We work very hard to meet estimated delivery dates but sometimes we may run a few days over or we may even finish your order a few days early.

Payment: Single product orders require a minimum of 1/2 the purchase price down which is non refundable, this aids in weeding out those that are not serious and aids in keeping deliveries on time.  Multiple orders require full payment before work will begin.  Should the order be canceled 1/2 the purchase price only will be refunded. Payment in full is required before your order will be released for pick up.  We accept most Personal Checks (must clear bank before order is released), Money Orders and Cash (cash accepted in person only at our facility, do not mail Cash).

We DO NOT Ship Towers or Deer Blinds!

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