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Hog Traps

Pro-Trapper Series Hog Traps

 Feral Hog Traps Built for the Professional Trapper!


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Portable Hog Traps and Hog Trap Systems


Younger Bros. "Pro-Trapper Animal Traps". the most trusted & reliable traps in the industry!


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Hog Tracks 

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Hog Traps

Hog Traps and Hog Trap Fronts are not just designed for the avid Outdoorsman or Hunter but also designed to aid Farmers and Ranchers as well as County, City and Federal Governments in controlling an ever expanding destructive Feral Hog population.  Hog Traps are now the #1 control method for humanely trapping and removing/ relocating nuisance Feral Hogs.


Hog Traps: We take designing and building High Quality Hog Traps very seriously. All of our Hog Traps are built and tested for Function as well as Strength and Durability.  No other manufacturer offers as many Models and Options of Hog Traps and Hog Trap Fronts as we do.  We currently offer three styles of door systems for our Hog Traps.  Hog Traps can be purchased with either Push-Thru Style Doors, Trigger/ Trip Wire Activated Drop Doors or Guillotine Style Door Systems. All  Hog Traps are painted with a high quality rust prohibiting Olive Drab Green or Flat Black paint which aids in preventing Hog Traps from prematurely rusting.   The Hog Trap shown above is a Guillotine Door style Pro-Trapper Series Model. 

What style Hog Trap and options are right for you?

Cage Style Hog Traps:  Hog Traps have come along way since the early days of building Hog Traps from treated wood or hand tying wire panels together.  Built from steel wire panels and sturdy welded frames, today's Hog Traps incorporate more options such as positive locking Door Systems which prevent trapped Hogs from rooting the door open to flags which raise when the Hog Traps door has been tripped alerting the trapper to approach the trap with extreme care as Hogs may be trapped inside and more Hogs may be in the area outside the trap.  Hog Traps are available in many sizes and careful thought consideration must be done before purchasing just the right trap for your situation.  Hog Traps generally have two sides a back and trap door front (face) as well as a covered top to prevent trapped Hogs from escaping.  Wire floors are generally an option on most manufacturers Hog Traps but highly recommended for sandy or soft soils where Hogs may root under the trap allowing the animal to escape.  Trap shown below is an example of a Hog Trap with built in floor.  Cage style Hog Traps have limited catching ability due to the size of the trap. 

Hog Trap Fronts (permanent panel trap systems):  Hog Trap fronts are available with Push Through styleGuillotine Hog Trap Front with Trap Door Lock Pin, Sliding Guillotine Door, Door Safety lock Pin, Positive trigger release system doors as well as Guillotine and Trigger Drop Doors.  The one main advantage to a Hog Trap Front or Semi permanent trap is the size can be expanded due to the use of wire mesh panels by simply adding panels which will increase the traps size allowing greater numbers of hogs to enter. 

For more information click> Hog Trap Front



Styles of Hog Trap Doors:  Below are examples of the most popular styles of  Doors we manufacture for our Hog Traps.  Each Trap Door system has advantages and some have disadvantages.



Hog Traps with Push-Thru Door Systems:  Push Through Door Systems prevent trapping of wildlife such as Deer and other animals that would normally enter a trap through it's open door.  Push Thru Doors remain closed and require Hogs to enter the trap by pushing or rooting through the door to enter the trap to gain access to whatever bait was placed in the trap.  Push Thru Trap Doors allow continuous trapping by allowing hogs to keep entering the trap.  Hogs cannot root the door open from inside of the trap but however sometimes can escape when a Hog enters the trap from the outside.



Hog Traps with Trigger/ Trip Wire Door System:  Hog Traps with built in trip/ trigger style trap doors have one major advantage over push through style doors.  When the trap has been set the door is in the open position which aids in gaining the target animals trust into entering the trap.  Once the animal Hog Traps are feature push through style doors, painted finish, Cattle panel top, Hog Panel sides.has entered the door is triggered when the animal trips the release mechanism by pushing against a trip wire or by rooting under the trip wire.  Other Hogs can enter the trap by simply pushing through the door and entering the trap much the same as the push through style doors.



Not Sure which Hog Trap is best for your needs. Click below and visit our Outdoor Hunting and Trapping Resource page with additional information on Hog Traps, Tips and Tricks for Trapping Feral Hogs and much more.

                 Click here for more information on how different Hog Traps work.


-New-   Portable Hog Trap Pen   -New-

W/Built in Feeder Hanger 

Pro-Trapper Sportsman Hog Trap Feeder Pen

Our Newest Hog Trap Panel System is designed for trapping even the hardest to trap Feral Hogs and can be ordered with a variety of Trap Door Models.

For more Information on this Portable Trap Panel System please click here>  Portable Trap Pen System


Pro-Trapper Sportsman

Bolt Together Cage Hog Traps

Optional 2 in 1 Trap

Feral Hog Trap Front or Cage Trap


Click Here For More Info > Bolt together Feral Hog Trap


"New" Sportsman Model Side Swing Hog Trap Front

 Designed for use with 52" Tall Combination Wire Panels & T-Post



  + State Sales Tax if applicable



Sportsman 3 Door Root Style Hog Trap


Push Thru/ Root Style Door Hog Trap


Three Door Root Style Hog Trap



Click here for more info>Sportsman Traps


Pro-Trapper "Sportsman" Hog Trap


Sportsman Side Swing Door 348 Hog Trap


Introducing our all new Pro-Trapper "Sportsman" side swing spring loaded Door Hog Trap


 For more info including Trapping Instructions for this trap please click here > Sportsman Hog Trap

Pro-Trapper Series Portable Hog Trap Pen System

Hog Trap Panel System designed ffor easy set-up and quick take down. Continuous trapping feature allows hogs to enter even after the trap door has been sprung.

Portable Hog Trap Pen System comes standard with 1- Side Swing Door Hog Trap Front and 4-  8' x 52" Trap Panels. System features easy setup Hog Trap Panels  that can easily be taken apart and setup in a different location in a matter of minutes. Designed and built for the Professional Trapper, Large Ranches and Farms for catching large numbers of Feral hogs at one time. 

Side Swing Hog Trap Front

52" H x 8' L  Welded Panels


New  6' x 5' Specialty Reinforced Pro-Trapper Hog Panels.....$  each

Additional Hog Panels can be added to this system at any time allowing user to make any size diameter Hog Trap.

Side Swing Hog Trap Front

5 H' x 6 L" Welded Panels

Please see our Contact/ Ordering Information page >  Contact/ Ordering info

Guillotine Door Hog TrapPro-Trapper-  Guillotine Door Hog Trap

#GHT-348  ..........$



#GHT-448 ...........$

Heavy Duty Construction, Floor with bracing, Painted Olive Drab Green

For More Information Please Click Here> Guillotine Hog Trap


Hog Trap with Spring Loaded Side Swing DoorPro-Trapper- Spring Loaded

 Side Swing Door Hog Trap

 #SS348P (Painted).....$



Guillotine Hog Trap Front with Trap Door Lock Pin, Sliding Guillotine Door, Door Safety lock Pin, Positive trigger release systemPro-Trapper- Hog Trap Front

#GHTF-  Guillotine Hog Trap Front...$

This product ships Truck Freight

Caution:  This Product is NOT a toy!  Improper use of  Trapping Equipment can lead to serious bodily injury or death.  Trapping Equipment should only be used after fully reading and understanding how the equipment functions.  If you have any questions on the use of this product please.


Side Swing Door Push Thru Hog Trap Front

Hog Trap Panel System designed for easy set-up and quick take down. Continuous trapping feature allows hogs to enter even after the trap door has been sprung.

Continuous Catch Hog Trap Front Door

Our Spring Loaded Side Swing Door Hog Trap Front is a continuous catch system which allows Hogs to push through even after the Trap Door has been tripped. Hog Trap Front is designed to be used with Wire Hog Panels or Steel Pin together Hog Panels (sold separately).

Just like our Spring Loaded Side Swing Door Hog Trap our Side Swing Door Hog Trap Front system is designed for ease of use and allows the Door to remain open until the first Hog to enter trips the Door. Often times after one Hog enters the Trap others will follow allowing the user to trap multiple Hogs at one time. Unlike some other models of Hog Trap Fronts the Door on this system stays open making that first Hog an easy catch.

Side Swing Hog Trap Front.........$

52" H x 8' L  Welded Panels............$


 Click here for more information on how different Hog Traps work.


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