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South Texas Hunting & Trapping Equipment

Manufacturer of Pro-Trapper and Sportsman Feral Hog Traps


Deer Blind Tower 20'.  Deer Blind and 20' Tall Bolt Together Tower  4' x 6' Deer Blind on 10' Heavy Duty Tower System with Ladder and Safety Handrails  Small Tripod Designed for use with bucket style hanging feeders  Crank-Up Deer Tripod Deer Feeder System


Younger Bros. is committed to producing the highest quality and best designed  Outdoor Hunting Equipment in the industry. Every product we produce has been tested and double checked to assure you receive the highest quality Hunting & Outdoor equipment in the industry. Every product we produce has been extensively tested for safety, function and overall reliability. Please feel free to look around our site and if you have any questions about our Hunting Equipment, please feel free to contact us.

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  ATV Drive-Thru Fence Ramp

   ATV Fence Ramp  ATV RTV Fence Ramp Trussed side view  ATV RTV cattle guard  ATV RTV Fence Ramp carry hoops

Our drive-thru ATV/ RTV fence ramp is a must for any Hunting Lease, Farm or Ranch. Ramp allows direct access to adjoining pastures and hunting areas without having to stop and open noisy gates alerting game that your in the area. Ramp is designed to accept even the heaviest of ATV and RTV vehicles. Trussed design prevents flexing that is most common with inferior designs. Ramp installs by cutting fence, placing the ramp in place and tying the existing fence back into the built in side wings.

"South Texas Hunting Equipment"

-Tri-Pod Stands-  

Gun Hunting Tripod Stand


Tripod High Rack Mounted in Truck Bed

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Animal Trap used for trapping Small to Medium Size AnimalsPro-Trapper Guillotine Nuisance Animal Trap

Guillotine Trap Door W/2" x 4" Galvanized wire Mesh

5' Long X 30" wide X 30" Tall

Click here for more info>Nuisance Animal Trap

Three Door Root Style Feral Hog Trap

Push Thru/ Root Style Door Hog Trap

3' x 4' x 6'  (Small Hog Trap)

3' x 4' x 8' (Large Hog Trap) 

Click here for more info>Sportsman Traps

Portable Hog Trap Panel System

Hog Trap Panel System designed ffor easy set-up and quick take down. Continuous trapping feature allows hogs to enter even after the trap door has been sprung.


Click here for more info>Trap Fronts

Pro-Trapper Side Swing Door Hog Trap Front


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Click here for more info>Trap Fronts

Guillotine Hog Trap Front

Guillotine Hog Trap Front with Trap Door Lock Pin, Sliding Guillotine Door, Door Safety lock Pin, Positive trigger release system


Click here for more info>Guillotine Trap Front

Pro-Trapper Side Swing Door Hog Trap

Hog Trap with Spring Loaded Side Swing Door


Click here for more info>Hog Trap

Affordable Sportsman Hog Traps

Sportsman Side Swing Door 348 Hog Trap


Click here for more info>Sportsman Traps

Sportsman Side Swing Door Hog Trap Front


Click here for more info>Sportsman Traps

Saloon Door Hog Trap Front


Product Picture to be added


Click here for more info> Saloon Door Trap Front


Pro-Trapper Guillotine Hog Trap

Guillotine Door Hog Trap


Click here for more info>Guillotine Hog Trap

-New-   Portable Hog Trap Pen   -New-

W/Built in Feeder Hanger 

Pro-Trapper Sportsman Hog Trap Feeder Pen

Our Newest Hog Trap Panel System is designed for trapping even the hardest to trap Feral Hogs and can be ordered with a variety of Trap Door Models.


For more Information on this Portable Trap Panel System please click here>  Portable Trap Pen System


Pro-Trapper Sportsman

Bolt Together Cage Hog Traps

Optional 2 in 1 Trap

Feral Hog Trap Front or Cage Trap


Click Here For More Info > Bolt together Feral Hog Trap

Deer Blinds and Tripod Stands


4' x 6' Deer Blind on 10' Heavy Duty Tower System with Ladder and Safety Handrails    Tripod Hunting Stand with Stair Case Entry. Our Tripod Hunting Stand has been designed to be the most stable Tripod Hunting Stand in the Industry. Ideal for both Gun Hunters and Bow Hunters.     Small Tripod Designed for use with bucket style hanging feeders

                       Deer Blinds           Tripod Hunting Stands     Tripod Deer Feeders        

We also now are producing high quality Quad Pod Hunting Stands both Single and two seat models.

For  more information on Quad Pod Hunting Stands

Younger Bros.  "South Texas Hunting/Trapping Equipment" offers High Quality , Tripod Stands, Deer Stands, Game Cargo Racks, Hog Traps and Hunters Game Hoist. If it's hunting your into, Younger Bros. has what your looking for!             

Truck High Racks


"New"   Feeder Panels  "New"

Panels prevent Cattle and Feral Hogs from eating expensive feed and damaging Wildlife Feeders.

     Our new Feeder Panels aid in keeping Feral Hogs as well as Cattle away from Wildlife Feeders and expensive Feed. Feeder Panel system will pay for itself in a very short time by protecting expensive feeders components as well as preventing Hogs and Cattle from eating feed put out for Deer. Panels are designed for easy transport and easy setup. Feeder Panels measure 8'L X 36"H.

"New" ATV Cattle Guards "NEW"

Deer Blinds Deer Blind Towers
Camp/ Picnic Tables Custom Deer Blinds Animal Traps
Tripod Hunting Stands Deer Hunting Stands

4' x 6' Deer Blind on 10' Heavy Duty Tower System with Ladder and Safety HandrailsCustom Deer Blinds: "South Texas Deer Blinds" Designed and built for the serious South Texas Deer Hunter.  Our "South Texas Deer Blinds" allow you, the customer to build a Deer Blind the way you want it built. Pick from three choices of Deer Blind Window Systems or order your Tower fully welded or Bolt-Together model for easy hauling. Customers also have the choice of having their blind built with full Insulation and Carpet as well as being able to choose a Stair case or Safety Ladder options as seen in the picture to the left.

"South Texas Deer Blinds"  Click Here>  Custom Deer Blinds

Deer Blind Tower 20'.  Deer Blind and 20' Tall Bolt Together Tower

Also Check out our Economical Model-55 Deer Blind and Deer Blind & Tower Combos.  Light Weight, Economical and Strong, Built to Last!

Available in 4'x4' and 4'x8' Sizes and Towers up to 20' Tall



Stair case Tripod Hunting Stand with Gun Rest in the raised up position

Tripod Hunting Stand with flip up gun rest

Tripod Hunting Stands: Stair Case Tripod Hunting Stands are  designed for the hunter that has to have the best of the best. Designed with safety, comfort, and stability in mind. Available in both Gun and Bow Hunting models.


Deer Blinds & Observation Towers

Deer Blinds:  Deer Blinds are available in several different models and construction compositions to fit every budget.  We offer Composite Siding Deer Blinds as well as special order materials .  All Deer Blinds feature Sealed Sliding Windows, Optional Carpeting and Insulation on select models.  Deer Blinds are available in 4'x 4', 4'x 8'.




Deer Blind Towers:  Deer Blind Towers are the highest quality engineered Blind Towers Towers are designed for user safety as well as stabilty.  Tower Blind Stair Cases are a full 30" wide and feature hand rails on both sides of the stair casing.  Towers are designed to handle the heaviest of Blinds.  All Younger Bros. Towers feature entry Decks with safety handrails. in the industry.  Towers are available in heights from 5' to 30' tall.  Our Blind Towers are engineered to accept Deer Blinds up to #600lbs.  NEW OPTION for 2004: Full Wrap around Decking.  Full wrap around decking can be ordered for any Blind Tower model we offer.  Full Wrap Around Decking allows Hunter/ Observer a full unobstructed view from all four sides of Deer Blind.  You no longer have to stay cooped-up in the blind on warm sunny days.

Manufacturer of Guard and Observation Towers and High Quality Outdoor Equipment

Guard Towers and Observation Towers  designed for Extreme use.

For more information please click here>  Guard and Observation Towers

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